About WSD

Potable Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution

The Wasco Sanitary District (WSD) is served by three wells, one water tower and one water treatment plant to facilitate radium removal.  The average daily demand for the Wasco Sanitary District users is about 350,000 gallon per day.  The district has pumped up to 900,000 gallons on high demand days.


The WSD currently operates three wells with design capacities as noted below:

  • Well #1 – 400 gallons per minute
  • Well #2 – 400 gallons per minute
  • Well #3 – 600 gallons per minute (with the ability to expand to 1000 gpm)


Wells one and two are drilled into the St. Peter Sandstone and well three is drilled into Galesville Limestone/ Sandstone. The total maximum pumping capacity of the system is 1400 gpm with the ability to expand to 1800 gpm.


The water tower has a capacity of 400,000 gallons. The water we pump is treated with an ion exchange process to remove the radium.  The treatment process also results in soft water.  The three softeners are located in a building near well 2 (underneath the water tower).

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The Wasco Sanitary District (WSD) provides waste water treatment through a water reuse system sometimes referred to land application. Wastewater is collected in sanitary sewers and routed to the primary pumping facility station north of the treatment facility. The reuse/treatment system consists of two treatment cells, two storage lagoons, 4 sand filters, a sodium hypochloride disinfection system an irrigation storage basin and 3 irrigation systems in two irrigation fields. Capacity of the system is permitted at 316,000 gallons per day.

The wastewater collection system was constructed in phases as development occurred. An 18 inch diameter interceptor sewer runs from the primary pumping facility (Lift Station No. 2) north to serve the district. The primary pumping station for the WSD is Lift Station No. 2 located north of and adjacent to the treatment facility. Other sanitary wastewater lift stations include Lift Station No. 1 located north of Robert Lowell Place and Prairie Lakes Lift station located in Prairie Lakes Subdivision.

Radium Treatment Plant

The new Radium Treatment Plant is located under the water tower on LaFox Road. Your water is softened and tested daily by staff to ensure the best possible quality. It is not necessary to install water softeners in your home.

Tours are scheduled at all facilities upon request.



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