Fats are an essential part of our diet. Some may be good for us and others may be toxic. That is up for debate. One thing for certain is that they are not good for internal plumbing or sanitary sewer systems. Fats, oils, and grease can clog pipes and cause sewer backups, resulting in costly property damage and a very unpleasant mess. Having proper sanitary sewer service is something we often take for granted, until it stops working. Excess fats should never be disposed of in the sewer. The trash is the best place to dispose of excessive oils. Remember to scrape off your plates, pans and any other cooking utensils into the trash before washing. Leftover oil can be drained into jars or cans to cool before disposal. The more diligent you are in preventing oils from entering your sewer, the less likely you are to experience a personal sewer backup or internal plumbing blockages. Educating your neighbors and teaching your kids will help to protect the entire system.

Commercial F.O.G. Producers – Restaurants, etc.

We are here to support local businesses. We understand the challenges you face. We also have many challenges and a responsibility for public safety. The district recently updated our F.O.G. Ordinance. You should have received a copy in the mail. The ordinance can be found here. If your business has been identified as a F.O.G. producer, you must demonstrate that your system to intercept grease is designed appropriately and being properly maintained. Efficiently separating F.O.G. from wastewater is a crucial step in protecting district equipment and more importantly, our users and their property. Grease traps/interceptors are designed to allow water to pass through while trapping grease and solids, preventing them from entering the sewer system, but they only work if they are serviced on an appropriate schedule. The system must be cleaned regularly by a licensed grease hauler. If your hauler sends manifests to WSD each time they visit, you may rarely hear from us regarding F.O.G.! We will be enforcing this ordinance and conducting inspections. Fines may be imposed and water service may even be interrupted if your location is found violating this ordinance. One of the last things we want to do is disconnect water service, but sewer backups usually happen “down the line” and can wreak havoc on helpless victims.

Grease Haulers

Please send all manifests to office@wascosd.org.  Thank you!